3 Nov 2011

The luxury of Christian Dior, 57th Street, New York

The luxury of Christian Dior

Christian Dior, 57th Street, New York, experienced a total make-over in order to equally match the newly opened branch store in Shanghai that applying a new luxury concept design.

Christian Dior tables

Christian Dior interior 1

Christian Dior interior 2

Christian Dior interior 3

Christian Dior interior 4

Christian Dior tables set

Christian Dior stair

Christian Dior interior 5

Luxury is something that emphasized here. The white color dominates the interior. Clean and luxurious. Backlight on some fixtures give an elegant impression on the products displayed. Difference colors at some parts of walls give some color emphasized to this store. Stair details, ceilings and every others elemens blend in to create the luxury atmosphere. 

Architect by Barteluce Architects & Associates, New York
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