19 Nov 2011

Zmianatematu a unique restaurant design, Łódź, Piotrkowska

Zmianatematu Łódź Piotrkowska

Zmianatematu is located in Łódź, Piotrkowska. This restaurant owner wishes to create an artistic space. By taking the concept that inspired the city's identity that has meaning "a Boat" it creates a unique and exciting restaurant.

Zmianatematu bottle place

Zmianatematu interior

Zmianatematu unique ceiling

Zmianatematu unique interior

Zmianatematu unique restaurant design

Zmianatematu unique interior design

Zmianatematu concept design

Seen here lines of plywood arranged to create unique shapes from the ceiling that flows into the bar and the bench seat that attaches to the wall. Even the tables is covered by this form.  The unique shape formed also the table base for the glass that is placed as a table top.  A unified design concept from the interior to the fixtures.

Courtesy of xm3
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