2 Sep 2011

77 kids a store for your children

77 kids, a children's clothing store located in Cherry Hill, NJ, has the area of 5,400 square feet. The zone is divided into two parts, boy's zone and girl's. Each has its own characteristics and uniqueness. For example in the boys locker it saids "keep out" while in the girls dressing room it reads "peace".

The store commonly used natural materials. Woods for floors and fixtures and some walls, give a warm atmosphere. And some other parts of the walls use a natural stone pattern. The open ceiling is painted in black color which makes the people focust on the ground level. The materials used tend to be kid-proof, such as galvanized metal as the table top and blunted edges that aren't harmful to children.

At the shopfront, a logo of 77kids nicely placed. The logo itself resembling the character of the consumers, children, like the second 7 is not well aligned with the first one. And don't forget the cute bird that is perched on it.

Originally from here.