26 Oct 2011

The fashion of Express Pennsylvania

Express Pennsylvania

Express, a clothing store with an area of 13,000 square foot, located in Pennsylvania, King Mall of Prusia. Looks elegant is it not?

Express front

However, although it's located in a mall,  the store actually aim at the street level retail business. The dominant of dark color on the exterior combined with the glowy logo. Simple and minimalist.

Express interior

Express interior ceiling

Express interior design

Express interior view

Express fashion store

Although having the same ideo about being simple and minimalist, the interior shares a much more interesting details. Cladding in black and natural finishing. Light and dark. The details on the ceiling, bars of plane ceiling arranged between the spotlights and creating a warm atmosphere. Supporting the ceiling, the color of wooden floor also supporting the warm impression from the lights.

Architect : Shremshock Architect, Inc.
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