22 Nov 2011

The Everyday Healthy of L'Eto Caffe'

L'Eto Caffe' dynamic light

L'Eto Caffe', is a prototype of a mixed used concept cafe, restaurant and bakery that is designed by Ivan Cipriani Associati for London. First, let's look from the side of the shop fronts.L'Eto Caffe' can be seen directly from the street, although limited by 1/2 glass and 1/2 massive partition. From there the food preparation work can be seen clearly. A unique way to attract hungry visitors.

The Everyday Healthy of L'Eto Caffe'

L'Eto Caffe' shop front

L'Eto Caffe' London

On inside, the cafe interior looks more attractive. The use of dynamic flow on the ceiling lights will attract visitor's attention, while the wood grain finish on bars and counters as well as some seating area displaying a unique blend and warm atmosphere. Now take a look at the placement of the colorful foods on the serving counter. They add a colorful look to the duo-tone-like interior.

L'Eto Caffe' serving table

L'Eto Caffe' chairs

L'Eto Caffe' interior

L'Eto Caffe' eating area

L'Eto Caffe' restaurant

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