18 Nov 2011

The minimalist Gourmet Tea of Sao Paolo, Brazil

The minimalist Gourmet Tea of  Sao Paolo

A simple tea shop located on a small house unit with the area of 90 square meter in Sao Paulo, Brazil. Designed by Alan Chu, the coffee shops came from a renovation of an existing building. The existing walls was stripped, exposing brick texture of the wall.

Gourmet Tea logo neon tube

Gourmet Tea shop front

Gourmet Tea tables

The Gourmet Tea before

The Gourmet Tea serving table

Provision of white color on the walls and ceilings reinforce the various colored products and the serving counter. The texture of the serving boxes are colorful so prominent among the existing plain color.

The Gourmet Tea before

The Gourmet Tea walls stripped

The Gourmet Tea before renovation

The Gourmet Tea design plan

The Gourmet Tea design plans

The Gourmet Tea logo lit by white neon tubes on the interior give its own accent on the wall. While the exterior logos of Gourmet Tea - in-box- look simple, although rather small and lack visibility from a distance.

Photographs by Djan Chu

For more information you can visit here.