24 Nov 2011

Barbour the Fashion Store for Country Lifestyle, London

Barbour the Fashion Store for Country Lifestyle
Barbour the Fashion Store for Country Lifestyle
This 3.223 square feet and two stories of fashion store is located in the Covent Garden, London. With a target market clothing for hunters, fishermen and horse riders, the store has the characteristic of similar kind of shops.

Barbour Interior
Barbour Wooden Frame
Barbour_Wooden Frame
Barbour Exposed Brick Wall
Barbour_Exposed Brick Wall
Barbour From the Inside
Barbour_From the Inside
Barbour Wooden Floor
Barbour_Wooden Floor
Wood floors decorate both stories in this store. Some walls are using exposed brick while some others covered with wood frames surrounding their product display. A Greeves Anglian bike displayed there, an iconic of proudness for becoming a leader at motorcycle clothing brand from 1930 to 1970. The shop front are covered by glass walls frame, showing the interior of first and second stories and placing the store name in between.

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