29 Nov 2011

Restaurant - Sushihana by A2G Arquitectura

Sushihana japanese restaurant
Sushihana by A2G arquitectura
Sushihana, a Japanese restaurant, located in Porto, Portugal, is designed by A2G arquitectura. The base design refers to the concept of modern Japanese contemporary architecture combined with the personal idea of the architect's. Japanese art decorate the ceiling and some part of the wall of the interior, made them into a beautiful ambience of light and attracting attentions. The brown color entrance area blends together with the white color dining area. The unity of harmonious of light and dark.
Sushihana japanese restaurant entrance
Sushihana entrance
Sushihana japanese restaurant interior
Sushihana interior
Sushihana japanese restaurant dining
Sushihana dining
Sushihana japanese restaurant concept
Sushihana concept
This restaurant can be found via here.