10 Sep 2011

The minimalist design of Taiwan Noodle House, Beijing

Taiwan Noodle House plates

A Taiwanese noodle restaurant, designed by Golucci International Design. The restaurant is covered with a dark color ceilings and floors and combined with a bright and natural color on some part of the walls and fixtures that bring the impression of elegant and yet cozy to the room.

Taiwan Noodle House interior

Taiwan Noodle House design

Taiwan Noodle House concept

An idea to make the walls more interesting by attaching hundreds of plates of various sizes with same color and pattern on it, and giving the impression of ancienity, in contrast with the modern and minimalist design concept of the tables and chairs.

Taiwan Noodle House hundreds of plates

Taiwan Noodle House plates arranged

Taiwan Noodle House hanging lamps

Some details on the ceilings also add value as thousand needles arranged according to its flow and the use of some hanging lamps that add the impression of comfort.

Taiwan Noodle House ceiling needles

Taiwan Noodle House layout

Photography by Sun Xiangyu
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