16 Sep 2011

Japanese atmosphere of Tsujita noodle house

Japanese atmosphere of Tsujita noodle house

This noodle restaurant might just another cozy ones from the outside. The look of natural wood visible coloring this noodle house and with the support of dim lightning, creating a comfortable and relaxed atmosphere.

Tsujita noodle front

Tsujita noodle storefront

Tsujita noodle interior

Tsujita noodle sidebar

Tsujita noodle bar

Tsujita noodle sidebar 2

But when you entered the building, you'll see the accent that Takeshi Sano, as the Japanese designer, emphasized in designing this noodle house. Set from the idea of bringing Japanese atmosphere and inspired by the circumstances surrounding Izumo shrine especially its clouds, Sano trying to bring its clouds into his ceiling design. A total of 25,000 wooden sticks is placed in the ceiling with different lenghts to create Japanese style clouds form in three dimensions.

Tsujita noodle wooden stick ceiling

Tsujita noodle stick ceiling

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