9 Sep 2011

The dice of Shoesme

The dice of Shoesme

Anybody wanna play dice? Fortunately the dice here is not to be played or rolled, but it does have other functions. Shoeisme, a shoe store with a concept of minimalist and flexible. This is reflected from the fixture used in the store. Dices here serve as a support for the product on display. The dices are arranged stratified. One dice makes a level of bench seating. Two dices make it a dining table height. And put it three makes it at a waist level. Simple and very flexible to display the products.

Shoesme dice

Shoesme minimalist

Shoesme design

Shoesme simple design

Shoesme fixtures

Shoesme simple dice

Minimalist design is also reflected in the overall interior. Layers of the plain wall. The smooth floor without any particular pattern and and open ceiling with hanging lamps.

Designed by Teun Fleskens
Originally from here.