8 Sep 2011

D'Espresso a good looking coffee shop

D'Espresso a good looking coffee shop

Look at this small coffee shop. Interesting isn' it? D'Espresso, a coffee shop measuring of 39 square meters, located on 42nd Madison Avenue, New York. Taking the idea of a library, books are littered neatly on the floors, walls, even ceilings! But these are no ordinary books, but a digital printings that covered the walls and ceiling, while for the floors, it require a special mold on the tiles.

Now let's see from a different angle. Imagine the room as the left wooden wall as the floor, the books as its walls, and the white wall with lights stick out of it as a ceiling. Its just like a room turn 90 degree to the right! Isn'it a brilliant idea?

D'Espresso shopfront

D'Espresso book wallpaper

D'Espresso library coffee

D'Espresso unique

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