5 Dec 2011

Restaurant - Tom & Eddie’s the Burger Paradise

Tom and Eddie's
Tom & Eddie’s
Led by two former McDonald's executives, Tom Dentice and Eddie Rensi, this restaurant is born. Tom & Eddie’s, located in Yorktown Shopping Center. With the aim to create a family restaurant that can provide a tasty and delicious food with an exceptional service.

Tom and Eddie's entry
Tom & Eddie’s entry area
Tom and Eddie's interior
Tom & Eddie’s interior
Tom and Eddie's Seat area
Tom & Eddie’s seating area
With the domination of lime green or orange, there are several types of sizes and seating patterns to accommodate a wide range of customers who come. Overall, the nuances showed appear rather dim. That kind of lightning is supported by the use of wooden floors and orange walls that attract attention. Looks like an interesting fast food restaurant to me. Found them in here.