12 Dec 2011

The Modern Design of Tondonia Winery

Tondonia Winery by Zaha Hadid
Tondonia Winery
Tondonia Winery, located in Haro, La Rioja, Spain, is one of the oldest winery. This 125th year old store is renovated to celebrate its anniversary. Designed by Zaha Hadid, the idea of the store is to accommodate the visitors who like to taste the wines and realize it in designing a new pavilion than contain an older one.

Wine Store Design
Tondonia Winery Side
Tondonia Winery Design
Tondonia Winery Day
Unique Wine Store Concept Design
Tondonia Winery Interior

Tondonia Winery Concept Design
Tondonia Winery Concept
The new pavilion would be the container of the old one. The visitors would go through the new one to reach the older one. This new exterior is made of timber, with a unique, modern, and dynamic shape that resembles a bottle. The finishing is use a white color. The color that represent cleanliness and resembling a colour of modern design. A combination of old and new within a shape of a wine bottle. Found this unique retail design in here.