30 Aug 2011

Adidas corner inside JJB Sports


The Adidas sport corner by d4r inside JJB Sports. The design is somehow a bit different from their regular stores that tend to have black as their dominant color. Here, everything is reversed, white is the dominant color, maybe as a consideration as the brands displayed here is not only for adidas.

Curved lines shaped the fixtures. Some fixture stands out on the upper side works like a hanging ceiling for customers who want to try the product they fancy at. On the floor, pattern are made just like in the sport field, by delivering lines like a half circle on the basketball court.

Found them here.
29 Aug 2011

An elegant store - Centre Commercial

A fashion store that looks elegant, Centre Commercial by Veja, which is located in Paris. Various products featured here. And look at the textured walls, the unfinished wall finishing makes it look more impressive overally. And do not forget the placement of spotlights on the product that is displayed. The use of unique shapes of fluorescent tubes also add to the uniqueness of the store
28 Aug 2011

Cielito Querido Café as colorful as you can be!

An attractive and colorful looking café. The seats are filled with patterns and colors while the walls are filled with a various words. A café with a spirit of young people.

26 Aug 2011

Moscot Eyewear the advance optic store

The Moscot Eyewear at Moscot 14th Street Store, a fashion style store for eyewear. Not only selling glasses but also gives eyecare services that detects eye desease.

20 Aug 2011

Corripio, Santo Domingo the modern electronics store

Corripio, an electronics store in Santo domingo, Dominican Republic, developing its image from a warehouse distributor to a large electronics store. Simple yet grand, white and red, is how Corripio building looked from the outside.

Its high curvy ceiling with general illumination makes the whole store bright, illuminating the products displayed.

Big blue circle signage with white 'Corripio' store logos are
16 Aug 2011

The vivid window showcase of Ralph Lauren

A dramatic scene is shown in Ralph Lauren women store's windows showcase at 888 Madison Avenue. A group of realistic and pretty mannequins was set and dressed in the glamourous design of its brand product.
Ralph Lauren - Windows Showcase
Set with a dark background and some butterflies, spotlights that beamed down to the mannequins and a big golden frame make this "hdr" scene looks very eyecatching to anyone that pass the store.

Photo courtesy of Ralph Lauren
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12 Aug 2011

E-Mart, Seoul

E-Mart, a retail store with a superstore concept, combining three functions in its stores, pet store, retail electronic store, and a warehouse club style store.