12 Aug 2011

E-Mart, Seoul

E-Mart, a retail store with a superstore concept, combining three functions in its stores, pet store, retail electronic store, and a warehouse club style store.

Molly pet store, covering an area of 3,000 square foot, offering pet supplies, equipments, and services. This section also provided Molly Cafe, beauty shop, and training area. Clean and bright is the image that are displayed in stores that provide this kind of services.

The overal rack fixture that are used are simple, especially in the E-Mart Traders section that are covering 130,000 square foot, white-black color combination, bright-lime green, and natural wood, creating a cheerful atmosphere in the store. The interior shown works nicely with the fixtures. Clean walls, decorative lines, and simple words to explain the part it represents.

A slight different atmosphere found in the electronics stores segment, Matrix, covering an area of 11,000 square foot, which tend to use hot colors, like orange, black and natural, but it doesn't reduce the impression of being tidy and neat.

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