22 Jun 2011

The Microsoft Retail Experience Center

The Microsoft Retail Experience Center in Redmond, Washington with area of 20,000-square-foot resembles a superstore concept. Spacious, practical, but still communicative, able to give comfort to customers. The concept of a simple building like a warehouse with wide span structures gives plenty of rooms to put the fixtures. Open ceiling and columns that display the structure of what it is but still show a clean and  elegant side.

The combinationof white and black vynilfloor reflects a clear pattern of the roads. The curved pattern on the corner shows a dynamic movement. The black vynil itself makes the white-natural wood fixtures above it becomes increasingly prominent.

The use of white-natural wood colors on the fixtures itself makes it looks clean and communicative. The goods are well displayed and the customers will feel pleased with the cleanness. Large digital printing on the wall is able to communicate about the goods. General lightning is evenly distributed throughout the store also reinforce for displaying the goods. 

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