14 Jul 2011

Museum Store, Nelson-Atkins Museum of Art, Kansas City

Museum Store in Nelson-Atkins Museum of Art, Kansas City, designed with a concept of interactive boutiques. Tilted ceilings, folded walls, intersected planes, expanded and constricted vistas, all together forming a dynamic flow between the space and the merchandise.

Some of the lightning blending from the general illumination from common areas of the new building and the others from adjustable accent lights to give some contrast to the merchandise. Indirect light were designed to illuminate the merchandise from their background.

Design firm by Charles Sparks + Co., Westchester, III.

13 Jul 2011

Miffy Shop, Amsterdam

Miffy Shop, located within V&D departement store in Amsterdam. Taking a concept from 'Coloring Book Village', the white fixtures are outlined with black just like sketchs from coloring books. Unique panels with the shapes of house and fences are installed to strenghten the image of Miffy itself. Placed in front of the store, a giant-talking Miffy figure, attracting the children to come inside the shop.

12 Jul 2011

Fido, Toronto

The concept for this electronics store is to enhance the customer experience, improve operations and better define its brand image. For a glance, Fido is an out of the box for typical electronics store. While others are full with bright lights all over the store, Fido comes with different approach. The use of spotlights rather than general lightning give the merchandises a more attractive looks.

The white panels brick-like wall drawing customers to Fido phones and services, while the black color walls combined with wood flooring give the store a more classy looks. The white drop ceiling with a dark background gives a nice direction from front till end of store.

Architect : STOA Architecture, Montreal
Design : GHA shoppingscapes, Montreal; Paola Marques, senior designer; Oxana Boriak.

11 Jul 2011

J. Lindeberg, Stockholm, Sweeden

J. Lindeberg has opened a new stores in Stockholm that has a concept of "Bohemian elegance." The building reside in the most exclusive shopping district. At the shopfront, a 20-foot windows shows a vast scene inside of the two stories store.

The store has redesigned vintage fixtures. And the store concept is the contrast between traditional and unconventional, industrial and refined, according to the Swedish architect Albert France-Lanord. White is the dominant color of the store, while other colors like black and natural wooden pattern give strong accents over the white.

Design by Chez Albert, Stockholm

7 Jul 2011

A Matter of Health, Kings Point, New York

A Matter of Health, located in Kings Point, Nanuet, New York, is a new concept of supermarket by DY Design, to bring handy spaces to the store while leaving the old warehouse-style design. The antique-style street lamps and high black open ceiling with skylights are bringing the atmosphere of shopping on an outdoor market.

The fixtures are arranged diagonally, which make the flow more dynamic and enjoyable for the customers.

The office, produce prep, extra stock, refrigeration equipment and cafe for customers are designed on the second floor. The old style are placed in second floor, with arch-framed Salvo Caramagno artwork blending with the whole country style design.

Design and pictures are courtesy of DY Design

3 Jul 2011

Bass Pro Shops Outdoor World, Denver

Bass Pro Shops Denver’s main idea is to bring the great outdoors indoors. The Rocky Mountain as its background for this two-level, 186,000-square foot store gives a nice and dramatic view. The design itself won the first place in the Big-Box Retail category of the ISP/VM+SD International Store Design Competition.
1 Jul 2011

Mark Pi's Koko Lite-Hearted Food

Mark Pi’s Koko Lite-Hearted Food, placed in Nationwide Children’s Hospital in Columbus Ohio, is a 850 square feet restaurant.
The idea is to have create an upbeat eating experience in a children’s hospital. The restaurant is created with bright color, a glossy subway tiles at the back wall, and combined with some light green, orange, and natural pattern.
Design by Faith Bartrug, Plano, Texas

C&A, Sao Paolo, Brazil

In this store, C&A has formulated a new concept, transformed into a more classy store along with the mall upper-scale. The store has a spacy environment, giving the consumers a comfortable space to move around while looking for a new fashion in a glamourous environment.
The details at the ceiling like hanging light bulbs in the store entrance provide a sense of like entering the world of entertainment. A -mostly- white polished floor consolidates the glamourous image that are created inside the store.